Mobile Apps

In this age when customers are always on the move it is all the more important that they get information and get work done as soon as possible. Mobile apps gets all this at their fingertips, literally. It is no exaggeration that mobile apps can get you customers (read business) and retain them (read increased business).

Rishva creates simple but effective mobile apps that can increase your brand image, generate more sales and let you concentrate on your core business.
Mobile app is the way to go...


Why Mobile Apps

What We Provide


Push Notifications

Notify the user of a new message or event even if the user is not using app.



Apps we build provide you with powerful analytics that gives you insight into customer's behavior and optimize the same.


Fan Wall

All your customers can connect with each other from your branded app and share messages, photos.


Location based services

The app allows you to customize your services based on your customer location.


Native Apps

Per your requirement we can develop native apps (be it Android, iOS, Windows, etc.,). These gets integrated easily with device specific hardware and give better performance.


Social media integration

Unleash the true power of your app by integrating with social media. Improved functionality, social sharing, easy access, more downloads, increased popularity and sales. All this and more.


Feedback & reviews

Get a holistic view of all your products and services by gathering instant feedback and reviews. Excellent opportunity for you to take any instant corrective actions.


Discounts & Coupons

Attract more customers and gain additional foot falls by offering discounts and coupons.