Big Data

bigdataWondering what the image is all about? Welcome to Big Data, the next big thing.
It is about large data sets, structured or un-structured, for which traditional data processing applications may not be adequate. Many challanges in handling big data include search, querying, analysis, curation, storing, sharing, etc.,. The critical thing of dealing with big data is data privacy/security.
Big data analysis is used across many businesses and organizations, both Government and Private. Big data accuracy can be used to spot business trends, understand consumer behavior, crime combat, prevent diseases and so on. Better decisions out of big data can lead to greater operational efficiency, cost reduction, better customer service and lower risks.

We provide big data technology consulting services. Our experienced big data scientists can quickly convert big data analytics to actionable insights.
We partner with industry leading tools and technologies.

Development & Implementation

Data Quality & data modelling
Transformations & data integration
Search & document indexing
Reports, mining, analytics, Visualisations
Installation & configuration

Support & Security

24/7 Support
Archiving, Backup, Recovery
Security reporting
Data leak & malware detection